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There are tons of moving companies.  Why are we different?  I will be the first to admit the carrying a box from point A to point B isn't that challenging.  But hoisting a couch up to a third floor window is.  So is moving a piano up several flights of stairs.  Driving a 26 foot truck in a snowstorm in the North End of Boston is too.  Knowing how to negotiate with a concierge, building residents, the parking officer, and other moving companies at the end of August so we all get what we need is too.  There is a lot that goes into being successful as a moving company in Boston and a great deal of it has nothing to do with being strong.     
After 25 years of working in the moving business, I decided I could do things better than what I was seeing in the industry.  Moving is expensive and our customers deserved our absolute best at all times, and quite frankly, I didn't think I was seeing that.  So I bet on myself and opened up shop.  We are a small company.  I go on EVERY job.  I'm so confident in the service we provide that my cell phone number is written in foot high letters on the side of our truck.  I try to treat everyone like I will see you at the local grocery store tonight because there is a very real chance I WILL see you at the local grocery store tonight.

I am unwilling to sacrifice quality for money because it's just not worth it to me.  We've worked really, REALLY hard to establish a certain reputation in this industry, and it means everything to us.
I have a few simple things I try to always keep forefront in my mind in everything we do while we are working: 
First, our job is ask you what YOU want to accomplish, LISTEN to the answer, and then do WHATEVER it takes to make that happen for you.  There's no such thing as "it's not our job."  Creating a rabid fanbase is our job.  Second, we try to give every customer the work ethic and respect I would want someone to give my mother if they were working for her.  Third, tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear even if that means you lose their business.  Fourth, under promise and over deliver.  Fifth, we try to work like it is OUR money being spent and OUR possessions being cared for. 
Super simple, but I've found that if we keep these guidelines the rest tends to fall into place, we will most likely be successful in making you happy, and you will enthusiastically recommend us to your friends and family.  5 Star service isn't a hope.  It is an expectation from me.  I expect it every day, on every job. 

And with that I am happy (but not surprised) to report that 100% of our customer 
reviews posted in 2020, 2021,2022 and thus far in 2023 across every review site were 5 Stars.  Over 99% of all reviews that we have received since we opened our company have been 5 stars across all platforms.   I could keep selling but I'm a firm believer the best advertising is past customers, so I encourage you contact someone that has used us whose opinion you trust.
I look forward to answering any questions you may have and helping you with your next moving, assembly, handyman, mounting, or disposal job!  Give us a call or text me at (844) HUS-KYYY or email us at
-  Ryan O'Connor
   Owner of Husky Moving 
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