So there are tons of moving companies.  Why are we different?  I will be the first to admit the carrying a box from point A to point B isn't that challenging.  But hoisting a couch up to a third floor window is.  So is moving a piano up several flights of stairs.  Driving a 26 foot truck in a snowstorm in the North End of Boston is too.  We excel at taking on these challenges with a smile on our faces.   
After 23 years of working in the moving business, I decided I could do things better than what I was seeing in the industry.  Moving is expensive and our customers deserved our absolute best at all times.  So I bet on myself and opened up shop.  I have a few simple mantras I try to always keep forefront in my mind in everything we do while we are working: 
First, our job is ask you what YOU want to accomplish, LISTEN to the answer, and then do whatever it takes to make that happen for you.  Second, we try to give every customer the work ethic and respect I would want someone to give my mother if they were working for her.  Third, we work like it is OUR money being spent.  We understand that moving can be expensive and overwhelming, and you deserve to feel like you are getting maximum value for your money.   


Super simple, but I've found that if we keep these guidelines we will most likely be successful in making you happy with the job we do for you and recommend us to your friends and family.  I look forward to answering any questions you may have and helping you with your next moving, assembly, or disposal job!  Please give us a call at (781) 354-5924 or email us at
-  Ryan O'Connor
   Owner of Husky Moving 
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