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Husky Moving can perform the service at the request of the shipper at the normal hourly labor charge.  Any packing or unpacking expected to be done by Husky Moving must be discussed ahead of time.  Crating and/or packing supplies will be determined, verified and signed off on by customer and added to the bill.  Prices for our packing supplies can be found in our Online Store.   


We love doing assembly work and consider ourselves to be very skilled at it.  Husky Moving will charge our normal hourly rate for all disassembly or assembly of items.  

Husky Moving can dispose of items.  For a few pieces we will quote you a price on the spot which will be added to the bill on top of all other normal hourly and truck charges.  For larger jobs, we take items to the Winchester Transfer Station.  The customer is responsible for the normal hourly time to remove items from their location as well as time to go to and from the transfer station, which is located in Winchester, MA, as well as the cost of a commercial day permit ($50) and the final dump fee which is based on weight.  A full list of rules and prices that will be added to your bill can be found from the Winchester Transfer StationNote:  We cannot dispose of paint or chemicals, and some items incur additional fees.  

We do a lot of handyman type services, like hanging window treatments, hanging artwork, fixing doors, painting, installing gates, installing security cams, mounting TV's and artwork, hanging shelves, swapping out toilet seats, fixing running toilets, etc.  We hold Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor License # 204002.  Click here to view our License. 


Moving as a senior carries its own difficulties.  If you or a loved one is moving into an assisted living or memory care facility due to declining health, a lifetime of accumulated possessions might be squirreled away in your home.  And if the move is due to financial stress, moving itself can be expensive.  Having worked within Assisted Living, Elderly Care and Memory Care units performing moves for decades, I have come to learn that there are many ways to make a move go more smoothly.  Having seen firsthand the stressors both for the elderly and their caregivers I've developed some techniques that I'd like to think help reduce stress during these moves.  If you'd like some guidance about knowing when to move, making the right choices about having a family member move in with your elderly loved ones, or significantly reducing the stress involved with a senior move, Husky Moving has been granted permission by Shirley Turner, Community Outreach and Senior Advocate for to link to their guide "Navigate Senior Moving Challenges Effortlessly".  

Specifically in Cambridge, Boston, and the towns immediately surrounding Boston, parking can be tough for a car, let alone a moving truck.  Husky Moving can secure parking permits for a moving truck at your current and next residence to ensure that the move goes as smooth as possible at a cost of $140 for each permit location.  Oftentimes customers decide that the upfront cost of the permit(s) are worth the convenience of not having to worry about where the moving truck will park.  As in any business, time is money.  A standard moving permit reserves two parking spaces for one day from 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.  You can only apply online if your moving date is at least two weeks away, and no more than four weeks away.  The street space you want to reserve needs to be an actual parking spot. The spot can be residential, commercial, metered, or something else, but it must be legal to park a vehicle there.​  If you want a permit in the North End from July 1 - August 31, you must have permission from the City before applying online.  If you would like to pull a Boston parking permit yourself, you can do so here. 

If you have a project that you'd like to see if we are qualified to handle, please give us a call at (844) HUS-KYYY or email us at



People often ask us if we "do that."  The most likely answer is "YES". 
We are a full service moving company.  This means we do small or full size residential and commercial moves, as well as specialty moves like hoists and pianos.
But we also do so much more than that.  We do a tremendous amount of assembly/disassembly jobs, tv and artwork mounting, packing and unpacking, trash disposal, hanging curtains, installing blinds, air conditioner installs, power washing, light plumbing, small home repairs, etc.  About eight months ago I got called in for a dead raccoon removal.  True story.  So at this point in my career I can confidently say there isn't much I haven't seen or done.

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