About Us

We have been in the moving business for roughly 25 years.  I have worked for 2 of the larger companies in the Boston area for extended periods of time.  Any situation you could possibly have we have most likely already navigated it hundreds of times before.  Again, I could bore you with pages of details but I know your time is valuable so here's what you need to know:
I have a network of workers that I have met throughout the years and I've done my absolute best to only work with people that are hard working, honest and have great attitudes that I would be proud to have wearing my company name on their backs.  The guys who I bring out with me are the best of the best as far as I'm concerned.  I don't put my name on many people, but I vouch for my guys.  I would honestly rather not book a job than bring people out into the field that aren't able to wow our customers.  You can learn about our team here.  We operate with integrity and honesty and I unapologetically expect anyone out working with me to conduct himself with the highest standards at all times.  
I don't expect you to just take my word for that.  Please read our stellar reviews.  You most likely found us because one of your friends recommended us to you.  I can confidently say we will make your project as easy and enjoyable as possible.  And I will put our work ethic and attitude up against anyone.  In short, we try to operate the way I would want a company I hired to operate if it were MY money being spent.  I ask a lot of myself and my guys because we make good money doing this and you deserve our absolute best for your money.    
We currently have one 16 foot box truck with an "Mom's Attic" to provide additional room.  We rent larger trucks when the need arises.  We have invested a great deal in our equipment as it allows us to be as efficient as possible for you.  
People often ask us if we "do that."  The most likely answer is "YES".  We do small or full size residential and commercial moves, specialty moves like hoists and pianos, assembly jobs, tv and artwork mounting, packing and unpacking jobs, disposal jobs, small home repairs, etc.  At this point in my career I can confidently say there isn't much I haven't seen or done.  
We hold Massachusetts License #31953 as a Household Goods Mover, Department of Transportation (DOT) #3356186, and Motor Carriers License (MCL) #1073909.  Our MCL allows us to do moving jobs out of state (verify any company you hire to go out of state has one).  We are fully insured under Massachusetts and Federal Guidelines, holding policies for Cargo, Auto and General Liability Insurance.  Insurance certificates available upon request.  Any other questions or concerns, please give us a call at 781-354-5924 or email us at info@huskymoving.com.
I wanted to give a little bit of spotlight to some of the guys I've been fortunate enough to surround myself with.  Back when I worked at other moving companies I always saw what a difference one guy could make on a job, and I always said to myself that if I ever opened up my own shop I would only work with the best people I could find.  I'd honestly rather not take jobs than go out with guys who I am not proud to have wearing our shirt.  After all, when we are out in the field, ultimately everything we do carries all of our names on it, so I am unwilling to settle for anything less than what I think is the best.  I'd rather bring out one amazing guy than 3 half decent guys.  Moving is hard, tedious work, so It's not easy to find guys who work their butts off AND do it with an amazing attitude daily but these guys do.  Any day I get to go to work with these guys is a good day.  
A Little Bit About Masio:  Masio is a married father of three great boys.  Originally from Alabama, Masio made his way up here for college, going to Northeastern, Roxbury Community College and Mass Bay.  Masio is a former semi-pro football player.  He currently works multiple jobs to pay for all of his young boys meals.  His family just purchased their dream home.  Masio is currently working on his dream of starting up his own transportation company.  I can confidently tell you there wouldn't be a better business owner.  
How We Met:  Masio and I worked at another moving company together.  He very quickly became one of my favorite coworkers due to his tireless work ethic.  Way more importantly, it was just impossible to find him in a bad mood.  Every day he came into work with a smile on his face and an attitude that nothing could get him down.  We've worked together for years and I always knew if I ever had the opportunity he would be the type of guy I would want to build around.   
Why I Think He's the Best of The Best:  Every job on the planet can benefit from having people with great mindsets but I would make an argument the moving business needs it more than almost any other business.  The work can be brutal so a positive outlook is my number one thing I look for, and Masio has it more than anyone I've ever met before.   He is charming and kind with customers, and his calm demeanor puts people at ease.   He will do anything that needs to
be done to make your job a success without a complaint.  He can find the best in any situation.  Anyone who has ever worked in the moving business knows that a level headed, great worker with a calm, amazing attitude is very rare. 
You can contact Masio at MasioDotson@aol.com  
A Little Bit About Adam:  Adam has his own very successful business called AdamHelper.  He is genuinely a jack of all trades and can handle many tasks not limited to the moving, packing, and assembly world.  Adam is also extremely talented in video production, web design, promotion, and can also handle photography, yardwork, snow removal and many other things!  He is the definition of a Renaissance Man.  He used to work in corporate America in the financial sector  but decided one day he would be happier running his own business.  I can attest that he has a great reputation with his customers.  
How We Met:  I joined an app called TaskRabbit in an attempt to generate business and got matched up with Adam on one of my first jobs.  The two things I noticed right away were his customer service skills and his work ethic.  He really went out of his way to listen to the customer and worked diligently to ensure that he did everything necessary to make her job a success.  At the end of the job, he sat with me in the parking lot of the customer's apartment building for about a half an hour talking to me about how to be successful in my new venture.  He passed on a lot of information to me that really helped me get up to speed quickly.  There was absolutely no benefit to him doing so other than just trying to help someone out.  By doing so he was actually increasing his own competition but he wasn't worried about that.      
Why I Think He's the Best of The Best:  In my opinion Adam has a lot of talents but his greatest gift is probably just the way he talks to customers and puts them at ease during what can be an incredibly stressful time.  Quick with a smile or a kind word, customers instantly relax around him, which makes our jobs easier.  On top of that he works incredibly hard at any task and shows up with a great attitude every day which in our business is rare.   
You can learn more about him and his seemingly unlimited skill set at AdamHelper.com    
The goodest of the good boys (and girls)
A Little Bit About Ghost:  Born and raised on the mean streets of Arkansas, Ghost made the move up north at the age of approximately 11 months old.   One of the many reasons I've always loved pitbulls is their desire to roughhouse contrasted with how affectionate they are.  Talents include:  aggravating her brother Mason, tearing anything to shreds, devouring buffalo chicken calzones with me, and extreme napping. 
How We Met:  I met multiple pitbulls that day at the adoption event, all of whom stole my heart, but when I learned Ghost was deaf I decided she was the dog for me as it would be a good learning experience for us both.  Knowing that some people fear pitbulls I figured if I could train a deaf pitbull it might cause some people to rethink their misconceptions about the breed.  I also thought having to rethink what I had learned about how to train a dog "properly" over the years might be a good experience for me.  Like most women in my life, Ghost spends the vast majority of her time ignoring me.  
Why I Think She's the Best of The Best:  Ghost is always super down to wrestle, play tug, share some grub or sit by my side while we watch tv.  She always wants to be near people, preferably touching you somehow while she falls asleep.  I love her tough exterior that covers up a really loving personality.  
A Little Bit About Mason:  Born in Tennessee and shipped to Massachusetts at the age of 12 weeks, Mason was supposed to be a 30 lbs. beagle but he wound up tipping the scales at 95 lbs.  His morning turds usually weigh 30 lbs.  Talents include:  Napping, begging for food, howling and more napping.    
How We Met:  I met Mason at the dog park I go to.  I fell in love with him quickly as his personality reminded me a lot of a dog I had had previously
(Love and miss you, Roni!).    
Why I Think He's the Best of The Best:  Mason is super chill.  He spends the vast majority of his time on my couch.  He is a nice change of pace from Ghost's more energetic personality.  The two of them balance each other out well.