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Crate Rental is an economical and environmentally friendly way to store your items for short or long periods of time.  You might need to store your items for one or just a few nights as you transition between homes, usually due to the timing issues associated with purchasing a new home or rental agreements.  Sometimes you need to pack a pod for week or two while doing a quick remodel.  We can provide short or long term crate rentals to suit your needs.   We rent clean, heavy duty plastic moving crates. You simply tell us how many you want and when and we deliver the crates to you.  When you are done, we pick them up.  No more buying cardboard boxes and tape that you will throw away.  You'll save time and money while being eco-friendly.  If you are local to Arlington, and you are moving close by, our crates can move with you.   Once the crates arrive you can begin packing immediately.  No box setup or tape needed.  Our crates have attached lids and can nest to minimize space when not in use.  They are designed to stack easily and fit tightly together to maximize space in a truck or pod.  You do not have to worry about cardboard boxes breaking or collapsing on you.  Pack, close the lid, put the next crate on top & you're ready to go again. Crates can be stacked 5 high.  Once you’ve finish unpacking your crates, we will schedule a pickup window.  You get to enjoy your new setting without any mess, unpacked boxes or having to figure out how to recycle or upcycle used cardboard boxes.

  • Easy to pack, close, stack, and roll
  • Latching lids that close easily and can be zip tied for security
  • Saves on tape
  • Crates nest when not in use and stack perfectly for easy packing when in use
  • Can easily use dollies to transport filled crates over distances
  • No disposal or recycling needed
  • Crate dimension: 24.25” x 15.15” x 12.75” (3 Cubic Feet)
Single-use cardboard boxes have been the industry standard for moving for decades.  The problem is once you are finished with your move, they either go into a trash bin, recycling bin, or you have to try to give them away so someone else can reuse them.  Plastic crates can be used over and over and then eventually recycled into new plastic!​
  • Landfills are comprised of roughly 30 percent cardboard packing material.   That’s a ton of trees!
  • 4 tons of CO2 emissions are saved for every ton of corrugated cardboard boxes kept from the landfill
  • Reusing plastic crates can be better for the environment than recycling over the long haul.
We try to make it easy.  Cost is $0.75 per crate per day with a one week minimum rental period.  After the one week minimum you just pay for each additional day you use.  Dropoff day counts as Day 1.  Pickup Day counts as the final day.   
I didn't want to charge by the week because I prefer the "pay just for what you use" model.    

EXAMPLE:   So let's say you want 10 crates for five days.  Total cost would be 10 (crates) X 7 (days minimum) X $0.75 or $52.50.  So If crates are dropped off on a Monday as long as they can be picked up by the following Monday the number of days would be 7.  If dropped off on a Monday but not available until the following Wednesday, then that would count as 9 days and therefore the cost would be 10 (crates) X 9 (days) X $0.75 or $67.50.
Crates require upfront deposit of $30 per crate.  Deposit will be returned in full minus rental cost upon inspection of crates to ensure no damage and returned clean and without labeling or marks or any sort.  Deposit goes to cover the upfront cost we incurred purchasing the crates should you choose not to return them or damage them.
Do I need to be present for delivery and pickup of the crates?: 
No, we just need a safe, dry space to leave them or pickup from
Where will the crates be delivered to?: 
Ground level of your home/apartment
What happens if I want to extend the rental period?: 
You can rent for as long as you need.  
What cities do you service?: 
Arlington and nearby towns for delivery and pickup.  If being used as part of a move provided by Husky Moving they can go anywhere the truck is going.
Do I need to clean the crates prior to return?: 
Crates are expected to be returned in the same condition they were dropped off in.  That means empty and clean with no stickers, labels, marker, writing, adhesive residue, etc. on them.
Can I buy crates?
At this time, we are not selling Rental Crates. If we sold our Rental Crates, we would have to replenish our rental inventory and that would take too much time and money. 
How do I pay for my rental crates?
We accept cash, check, Venmo, or Paypal
How quickly can I have crates delivered to my home or office?
They can usually be delivered within 24 to 48 hours of when an order is placed.  We recommend placing your order at least one week before you plan on starting to pack to see if we have crates in stock.
How many full rates can I stack on a dolly?
A maximum of 4 packed Rental Crates stacked is advised.   Although you could probably stack much higher, as a professional mover I would advise that 4 is the maximum for a stack to be manageable for the lay person.  Once the crates are inside the moving truck or pod, the crates are designed to stack as high as the interior height of the moving truck or pod will allow.
Can I write directly on the crates?
No, definitely do not write directly on the crates.  We reuse crates and they will be rented by another customer after you.  The simplest way to label crates is with sharpie on blue painter's tape as it typically removes very easily.

Am I responsible for lost, damaged, dirty or marked crates?

Yes, of course.  Any crates that are lost, damaged, dirty or marked up from your order we can’t immediately provide to other customers.  The cost for missing or damaged crates are $30.00 per crate, and cost to clean each crate is $10 IF left dirty or with markings.  

What is the average rental time period?

For many people, two weeks is about the ideal packing and unpacking time.  Roughly 65% of all customers rent their crates for at least 2 weeks.  When customers rent moving boxes for 2 week periods, they generally have the crates delivered 1 week prior to their move date, giving them enough time to pack all of their items.  The pickup date is scheduled for 1 week after the move, giving them enough time to unpack all of their household goods in the new home.  Obviously everyone’s schedule is different so you must be honest with yourself ahead of time in assessing how much time it will take you to pack.  

How should I prepare the crates for pickup?

Crates should be completely emptied of contents, packing supplies and labeling.  Crates should be staged in a nested fashion in a single area to simplify the pickup process.

What can I expect after crate pickup?

Normally that night or the next day or so I will send a text message detailing all charges, and refund any monies due via Venmo. 


So let's say for example you gave a $600 deposit to rent 20 crates.  And let's say you had the 20 crates for 20 days....


The cost of the crates would be 20 (crates) X 20 (days) X $0.75 per day per crate, or $300 total


So I would then give you back the deposit minus the cost of the rental


Or in this case....


Subtract the $300 cost of crate rental from your initial $600 deposit and send you $300 via Venmo. 

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