Why Are We Called Husky Moving?

So why are we called Husky Moving?  The name is kind of multifaceted for me.  My first dog that I ever owned was a Siberian Husky named "Samurai".  I was always amazed at the pure volume of work she would do and how much she enjoyed her work.  When I pulled out the harness and she knew it was time to run she would go crazy with enthusiasm.  I always thought if I was going to choose an animal to represent what I wanted to be, a Husky would be as good of a choice as any:  smart, incredibly hard working and enthusiastic about the job in front of them.          
So the word "Husky" to me has come to be a representation of who I was when I started and who I WANT to be, and also is a nod to my mom as well as Samurai.
I consider my mother to be the person who molded me into who I am today, so it was important to me that the name Husky Moving was a way that I could always keep her involved in our company story.
The other, more important reason is that when I was young I was always overweight.  My mom always made a huge deal of telling me that I wasn't overweight but I was "big boned" as we were shopping in the "Husky" section of department stores.  It was her way of protecting my self esteem and watching over me as she has always done and continues to do to this day.       
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