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Husky Crate Rental

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Product Details

Crate Rental is an economical and environmentally friendly way to store your items for short or long periods of time. You might need to store your items for one or just a few nights as you transition between homes, usually due to the timing issues associated with purchasing a new home or rental agreements. Sometimes you need to pack a pod for week or two while doing a quick remodel. We can provide short or long term crate rentals to suit your needs. We rent clean, heavy duty plastic moving crates. You simply tell us how many you want and when and we deliver the crates to you. When you are done, we pick them up. No more buying cardboard boxes and tape that you will throw away. You'll save time and money while being eco-friendly. If you are local to Arlington, and you are moving close by, our crates can move with you. Once the crates arrive you can begin packing immediately. No box setup or tape needed. Our crates have attached lids and can nest to minimize space when not in use. They are designed to stack easily and fit tightly together to maximize space in a truck or pod. You do not have to worry about cardboard boxes breaking or collapsing on you. Pack, close the lid, put the next crate on top & you're ready to go again. Crates can be stacked 5 high. Once you’ve finish unpacking your crates, we will schedule a pickup window. You get to enjoy your new setting without any mess, unpacked boxes or having to figure out how to recycle or upcycle used cardboard boxes.


We try to make it easy. Cost is $0.75 per crate per day with a one week minimum rental period. After the one week minimum you just pay for each additional day you use. Dropoff day counts as Day 1. Pickup Day counts as the final day.

I didn't want to charge by the week because I prefer the "pay just for what you use" model.

EXAMPLE: So let's say you want 10 crates for five days. Total cost would be 10 (crates) X 7 (days minimum) X $0.75 or $52.50. So If crates are dropped off on a Monday as long as they can be picked up by the following Monday the number of days would be 7. If dropped off on a Monday but not available until the following Wednesday, then that would count as 9 days and therefore the cost would be 10 (crates) X 9 (days) X $0.75 or $67.50.


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