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"What's A Good Tip?"

Updated: Jan 14

One of the questions I get asked most often is an awkward one:  "What's a good tip?"

It's an awkward question for me because they are asking me to tell them how much to give, but that obviously puts me in a weird spot. The only rules when it comes to tipping your movers is that there’s absolutely no pressure to do it and there are no rules.  But because moving takes a tremendous effort that you’d rather not do yourself, tipping is a simple way to say thanks for a job well done. Most movers consider tipping to be a bonus, and are grateful. Here’s how to determine whether to tip your movers, and if you decide to do so, a guideline.

WHEN TO TIP, AND WHEN NOT TO: If you hired us at Husky Moving, my expectation is that you had an exceptional experience, and you definitely shouldn’t feel obligated to hand over more cash.  We know moving is expensive! But if your movers have gone above and beyond what you expected, and you're thinking about rewarding their hard work, tipping your movers is appropriate if:

They arrived when they said they were going to

They finished your move in a shorter timeline than expected

There were excessive amounts of stairs

The weather was particularly challenging

They packed or unpacked your boxes

Nothing was damaged in the move

You were impressed by their customer service and professionalism.

I expect all of the above from my employees as the rule, not the exception.

If you feel something could have been done better, if your movers damaged your things, or if they acted unprofessionally in any way, please do not reward this behavior. An explanation of any issue(s) to the crew chief or to me at would be appreciated so we can speak to the person(s) responsible and ensure that this behavior doesn't become a pattern.

HOW MUCH TO TIP: There’s no hard and fast rule to tipping movers.  People ask me all the time what a good tip is but the reality is I've worked brutal 16 hour days and received no tip, and I've moved a quarter of a 16 foot truck once and received a $430 tip for about two hours worth of work.  It really is all over the place. It is generally best to give each crew member an equal amount.  Even if you were to give one employee more than another, we would split our tips equally in the truck as it is important to me that every member of the team is rewarded equally for the roles we all play as a team. If you would rather just deal with one person, give the full tip to the crew chief and make sure he knows its to be distributed equally so they can split it among the crew.  But to be honest if you need to even tell him that, he should not be a crew chief in the first place. Also, I have worked at companies where crew chiefs were known to take a higher share of the tips so I would advise you to be weary of not handing out tips individually. As a guideline, on average I'd say most people who decide to tip will tip their movers 10% to 20%.   For example: if your move costs $900, a range would be to give the crew any amount between $90 and $180.  If you have three movers, that works out to $30 to $60 each.

OTHER WAYS TO TIP: You can "tip" your movers in many other ways on moving day. Your movers are going to work up a sweat, so cold drinks should be available to them. If your move is scheduled for an early start, you could offer your movers coffee and bagels.  If your move goes through lunch or dinner, you could provide pizza or sandwiches. Iced coffees also go a long way towards keeping the guys spirits high. Tipping is one of those awkward things that no one really knows to handle. But a good moving company will never expect a tip. If you choose to give them something they should always be grateful.


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